День Всех Святых

All Saints’ Day. Or desires are fulfilled unexpectedly.

All Saints’ Day is a special time when desires can be fulfilled in mystical way.

Once I had a desire to get from some artist his/her own working instrument as an inherit. And it had not matter whether it was a new squirrel brush of the 12th size or a dying stub of a pencil. Because, the tools of the master store themselves has special energy.

Today, randomly, I got information through mutual acquaintances that a girls’ grandfather recently passed away and left his artistic materials her as an inheritance, which nobody else can really use in his family… I’m certainly sorry about grandfather, but it’s on such a day, on October 31st, on the day of all the saints, that I perceive this as greetings from that grandfather … It’s look like, he passes me the baton of his drawing skills, as though in his tools lives an immortal spirit, capable of doing miracles!

Thanks to Yulia, who noted me in the comments to the post where it was said about the distribution of artistic accessories. In this way, sometimes accidents are not accidental. In this way, desires are sometimes helped by those people who are on the other side of life …

P.S. The rice paper remained on the other side of the lens, because of the large format it did not fit in the frame.

P.P.S. And I will certainly draw something with my new materials in the gratitude to this grandfather …

Take care of your loved ones, friends!

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