Новогодние открытки

A New Year cards

So our mini-course of drawing Christmas and New Year’s cards under the auspices of DreamSquare has ended.

How it was? I want to answer this question _ «Cool!» A steep atmosphere, a steep place, steep participants, steep tea and no less steep buns to it! 
Новогодние открытки Новогодние открытки

Of course, my evaluation is a bit pompous, but it was really great! It was cool to see the insecure looks of the participants, who then bombed worthy things! Selected techniques, namely watercolor, dry pastel, markers and colored pencils, are not the simple techniques, as it may seem at the first glance. By these objects pupils are forced to draw at school in the drawing lessons. But almost never has been explained, how exactly, and what peculiarity each of them have…

I want to believe that this course has benefited my students and they have acquired for themselves the minimum that is necessary in order to continue what they started. This course brought me to a new level, thanks to him, I made my brain to think, on what examples are best to explain one way or another, what things are best to inspire …

Thank you, my dears, who stood up and accepted my challenges with dignity. You’re great! I really hope to see you in the new year! Stay tuned! And of course I will be glad to see new participants, if anyone appears. Cozy to all of you in forthcoming holidays and creativity to your souls! Without creativity, life is boring! 

Новогодние открытки

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