Сколько времени у вас уходит на рисование?

How long does it take you to draw?

How long does it take you to draw?

Сколько времени у вас уходит на рисование?Recently, I oftenly getting such questions. Previously, I had answered something like that: «From 1-2 to 6-9 hours, depending on the scale and complexity of the work.» But lately I started to think — by what criteria I am measuring this time? How many hours a day? How many hours per work? How many hours of drawing for a clean-up or with a lot of rough drafts, which often can take much longer to find the right story? And it became difficult for me to answer… After all, often even the most simple work can take more time, if I have poor feeling, and want to paint. A complex work can be drawn very quickly, if my hands have caught a wave of inspiration, and the brush obediently obeys the desires of the soul.

Many people think that I’m only drawing and I do not do anything in my life. But I think, that time allotted to me for drawing is too little, and I want to draw more.

One thing I know for sure — I try to paint every day. Of course, there are days when I skip, because I’m very tired and just physically can not hold a pencil in my hands. But I always try to find at least half an hour — an hour a day to draw at least a small quick sketch or a small piece of great work. At least it trains hands, eyes and attention. As a maximum — gives a skill and though slowly way, but it moves me forward.

I often notify that many people really want to draw, but do not painting, «because there is not enough time,» and I do not want to draw a 5-minute flower. I want to sit at a time and draw a masterpiece. People, wake up! The masterpieces have never been obtained immediately without any practice! Before learning how to jump and run, firstly a person learned to walk. After this _ sit. And then crawl!

Any even the smallest one at first glance, but the daily effort moves us closer to our goal! Painted today, a 5-minute rough of flowers can very well fit into the tomorrow’s hair of some mermaid on a huge canvas!

Stop wanting everything at once! If you really want something, then you will want it in small doses, gradually accumulating. If you want to draw a masterpiece, but you are not ready to devote a proper amount of time this masterpiece, then most likely you do not want to draw a masterpiece. You want just to mix colors arround 10-20 minutes. Maybe half an hour. It is possible that «appetite will come with eating» and the usual smearing of colors will carry away so much that after the beginning an hour four, you will get a decent picture and a storm of positive emotions.

So set yourself tangible goals and take steps towards their implementation! And remember, that for what you really want, there will be always enough time!

Сколько времени у вас уходит на рисование?

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