About me

I always liked to paint, and from the very childhood I dreamed of becoming an artist.

As a child, I was most fond of markers and gouache for their brightness. Now I prefer light watercolor transitions and pencil hatching. I like to experiment in different techniques and styles, drawing for the soul and revealing myself in my work. With each of my work I learn something new, looking for new images, combinations of colors and materials.

I consider 2011 the year of my “enlightenment” – that’s when I started seriously painting and painting, attending classes at Ekaterina Bolshakova in the Studio for Creative Development (Radošas Izaugsmes Studija). Then there were independent creative searches, good books, online master classes and other courses.

During my creative career, I managed to realize several interesting creative projects: I painted several still-lifes and portraits to order, I made thematic postcards to the participants of Poetic Evenings, painted several walls in public places and in private territories, performed several digital orders in the form of logos for sites, and My main achievement at the moment is the design of the theatrical sets for the solo performance, which premiered on June 7 in the House of Moscow.

Recently, I’ve been teaching drawing for small groups and in my lessons I help open up my unexamined skills to absolutely anyone who wants to draw. I’m sure that anyone can learn how to draw beautifully. I know very well what the absence of support means in starting creative work, so I try to approach each student individually, show the positive aspects of his work and decide together with him how we will correct the shortcomings. I’m sure that there are no bad drawings, because absolutely with every picture a person practices and gets his experience. Great artists would never have become great if they had not once started drawing primitive scribbles.

If you really want something very much, the whole universe will accompany your desire to come true!

Dare! Dream! Draw!


If you have any questions, desires or suggestions, contact me. I will be very glad to receive your letters and I will answer you with great joy!


I like to make unexpected gifts to my friends and subscribers. I would gladly give to everyone worthy art materials or decorated paintings. If you want to become a part of someone's genuine joy, you can support my project.


If you have a creative idea that you want to fulfill into reality, depicting it on paper, canvas or any other surface of your interior, perhaps I can help you! But for successful cooperation, one idea and desire is not enough. This section describes my conditions in which it is convenient for me to work, and as a result, fulfill your order.

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